Crew Update - Real Living Wage FAQ March 2024



·         Cost of living up, wages growing, utility costs including electricity and power up by 25% from November 2023. Pressure on businesses are global not just here at Portavadie.

·         We have a collective responsibility to work together on a financially sustainable model.

·         We continue to prioritise investment in the crew, through training, development, equipment, and systems.

·         Upskilling, cross training and career development will continue to be a key focus of resource and investment.

 What`s happening to your pay from 23/3/2024

·         Portavadie continues its commitment to being an accredited Real Living Wage employer and A Fair Work Employer – for more information click here .

·         From 23/3/2024 the RLW hourly rate for anyone aged 18 or above increases to £12 per hour find more information here - Portavadie is one of only 14000 UK accredited businesses.

·         Crew members who are hourly paid and above the current Real Living Wage will receive a minimum of 4.4% increase dependant on current pay rate. 

·         Assistant Managers and Managers will move to contracted 42.5 hour working weeks and will be paid for any additional hours pro rata on the hourly equivalent of their hourly rate based on a 42.5 hour working week. (subject to approval process for any overtime where time back cannot be taken within the working month 23rd-22nd)

·         An Assistant Manager/ Manager working 2.5 hours less per week for the same salary equates to a minimum of 4.4% increase dependant on pay rate. 

·         New contracts will be issued reflecting the contracted hours change to those affected.

·         Increases will be paid from pay date on or around 28/4/2023.

·         Inflation rate in UK currently 4% forecast to reduce to 2% by end of the year (Uk governmant forecast) 

Crew Accommodation

·         All crew accommodation weekly rental rates will remain the same for 2024. (Annually reviewed)

·         Utility charges for crew accommodation – Heating, Electricity, Waste and Water will increase by £0.71 per person per day up to £30 per week (from £25 per week). This will continue to be reviewed annually. (this reflects the increase costs over this winter period 23/24)


·         Continued cross training and development.

·         A flexible multi skilled crew capable, trained, and confident to work across departments as business dictates.

·         Continue to market Real Living Wage to attract and retain crew members as well as having very competitive rates of pay rewarding career progression alongside well-maintained crew accommodation.

·         Portavadie will continue to pay £300 per candidate crew referral (T&C`s apply)

·         Opportunities to pick up hours in other department to add hours through the season. (hourly rate may differ)


Should you have any questions or concerns please contact